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Published on 21 March 2013

Salman's wish!

Bollywood actor Salman Khan would like to change in your life, just because a promo event , he and his girlfriend want to take the bike instead of the car .

Salman Khan is always the question when they are about to get married but recently another type of question they were asked .

He arrived for a two wheeler brand promotions so my girlfriend were asked whether they would prefer to sit on the seat of a car or motorcycle .

Salman said to him : 'My car 's front seat and back then people had to sit on the bike definitely has a desire to instill . "

Salman Khan went out of his film promotion of his film ' J ' promotions are now not back down .

According to Aamir Khan , Salman Khan is presently the number one Bollywood film in the Bill on the basis of their ability to hit .

Category: Entertainment
Published on 21 March 2013

Abhishek Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan's gift

Known for his generosity, Shah Rukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan as a gift about 12 lakh bike is expensive. 

Abhishek Shah Rukh's upcoming film 'Happy New Year' I have been working and are happy to work with Abhishek and Shah Rukh gave them this gift. 

Shah Rukh also have gifts to many of my fellow actors. 

Shah Rukh and Abhishek before 2006 film 'Never say goodbye' I came up with.

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Published on 21 March 2013

Shah Rukh Khan's films are the most vulnerable

These days Shahrukh Khan talks to the press does not have too much. 

Recently he came into a program and some very limited philosopher was talking. His most favorite movie of Shahrukh answer to the question raised was seriously clogged. 

The 'RAW One of my favorite movie,' Puzzle 'I,' is still the heart of India, I love it. Whatever movies are bad, which is a little weak child, they are lovely. I want to say I am not disappointed with failure ever. In nearly 80 films and half of them are flops. '

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Published on 21 March 2013

Sonam Kapoor love or money?

Actress Sonam Kapoor talk to the media about his personal life does not . But the new film ' Bay uqufyan ' advertising in the press , he spoke quite openly .

His presence in the life of a man clearly did not answer the question but asked them whom they love and money are more important adds that Sonam has more meaning for me love . " My parents always say that because I 've got everything in life so easy for me does not mean money . "

Sonam also said that some colleagues about their relationship but they would come in life because they are more successful and earn more too.