Desert Whale's oldest cemetery

The amazing discovery of the past million years old Whale fish in a cemetery in the South American country, Chile has emerged.

Pan- American Highway to the edge of the cemetery, the scientists discovered that they were able to tell the Whale fish this Bitumen five million years ago, this particular location was how to collect .

Journal of the Royal Society, a scientific journal published four reports these remains were collected at different times, this time the sea coast pushed the dead fish thrown Whale .

Located in Chile remains from the site lends support to the idea that all moss poisonous fish eat Whale killed . As the fish were dying sea shore by tides pushed their lifeless bodies remain buried under sand was eventually fish .

Everyone knows that in scientific circles in the desert of Chile aytakama Whale lots of fish remains are buried . Forked bones buried in the sand dunes of fish could be seen a long time , and therefore the location of people , uhylun hill ' was named .

But scientists at the site of the formal scientific study found only this time the Pan American Highway, the major road widening to start digging around .

Fish scientists to collect evidence from the great cemetery were only two weeks because the company engaged in highway construction had told him that two weeks after their return and new road construction machines fixed will be on time .

Scientists was possible in a short period of fish remains at the site and study the laboratory for various tests and gathered the bones and teeth of fishes .

Among the small bones buried in the sand from the site more than 40 full fuslz Whale fish ( structures) are met showed his stature uqamt today found in sea blue , fin and mink types uhylun were identical .